General Rules for Members

Bendigo Branch GSDCV Inc.

• Cars entering the ground are asked to drive at walking pace 5kph.
• NO car parking near the entry gate to allow safe access.
• All members must wear name tags as proof of membership & all dogs must be booked in for insurance purposes.
• Dogs are not allowed to be tied up or left unattended
• Dogs must not be off lead unless under the supervision from a qualified Branch Instructor during class time.
• Dogs can be exercised off lead on the training ground except when tracking or training is in progress, in which case the above rule applies. Dogs must be under effective control as determined by Chief Instructor.
• Approved Training Equipment only to be used whilst at Branch
• NO dogs are allowed on the ground other than those in scheduled classes, during class training time, without Chief Instructor permission.
• Any member wishing to join training after commencement of training must seek permission from the Branch Manager or Chief Instructor
• NO bitches in oestrus are allowed on the ground
• Use of Agility equipment MUST BE under the supervision of a qualified instructor
• Handlers must clean up their dogs poop!
• Nobody is allowed to offer advice about feeding, health or critique any dog at Branch. Any member with any problem regarding this should speak to either the Branch Manager, Chief Instructor or Breed Liaison Officer
• All members attending Branch will report to check in table – there will be no exceptions regardless whether the member is training or not.
• Vaccination certificates must be sighted by whoever is checking the members in to Branch.
• After the dog’s vaccination certificate has been verified. Member will then pay the training fee ($3.00).
• All members – obedience & show – will join the pre-training line-up for announcements 5 minutes before classes commence.
• Should a member wish not to participate in training, he/she will excuse themselves to either the Chief Instructor, Branch Manager or Breed Liaison Officer.


Some Branch Rules

We lease our training ground from the Greater City of Bendigo, and are permitted full use during normal opening times.

Age Considerations

Puppies up to 9 months are limited to the puppy equipment and only dogs aged 18 months and over can perform the jumping exercises. All training on equipment must be carried out with an instructor present. Help with the “setting up and putting away” of the equipment by all those who use it will be appreciated.

First Aid

We have members designated as First Aid Officers. Should you require any medical assistance, please look for them.